About Sander

Sander is living in Stavanger on the Westcoast of Norway. Originally from the Netherlands he moved to Norway after completing a master’s degree in civil engineering.  Living in Norway Sander developed a deep passion for the nature which is abundant in Norway. Being outside in the beautiful Norwegian nature, exploring and experiencing has led Sander on a journey of transformation into the person he is today. 

Sander is the initiator and owner of Retreat Norway. His main driver is to share the Norwegian nature experience with others. As guide and organiser Sander is a calm and open person. Together with his team, he creates a safe and relaxing environment where you can be yourself and unwind.


Sander’s formal background includes:

  • Tai Chi and Chi Gong instructor

  • Meditation and yoga practitioner for over fifteen years

  • Life coach

  • Experienced hiker and official mountain guide at the Norwegian hiking association (DNT)

Sander received the major part of his training at the Energiverkstedet, a yoga school and spiritual centre in Stavanger, Norway.


See you in Norway